Sticks and stones and cold Autumn bones.

I took a walk a few days ago with my partner and her horse. It was one of these windy autumn days when the summers green turned gold rustle restlessly against the air and tumble in brittle waves to the ground. We walked and we talked and sometimes we just walked. Continue reading


Joop: Transgender Disco Mouse

It’s been a stormy night in Utrecht, one of my last as I leave the city this week to begin a new adventure in another city not so very far away. My heart is drawn again by love, the love responsible for my still being here in the first place. Continue reading

Waiting for Weasels

I think I might be pretty much done with life just now. Not the world, just life. The world is a wondrous place full to its breathtaking, astonishing, overflowing brim with creatures and places and smells and sounds and sights to simultaneously fill a weary heart with joy and empty the lungs in an astonished gasp. Continue reading


Swimming with Rivers

I got properly into a river yesterday, up to my middle, for the first time possibly since I was a child. I say possibly because I can’t actually remember the last time I got into a river. About fourteen or fifteen years ago I paddled, like some painfully white stick insect, in the Caribbean Ocean on a miserable holiday but that’s the last time I remember getting properly wet in anything other than a bath or a shower or a rainy day. Continue reading


Strangers on a Train and Women in Love.


I remember as a child making seemingly endless train journeys to the South of England to stay with now, long dead relatives in dingy houses I could no longer find, if they even still exist. Railways were altogether rather more basic back then, though not necessarily in a bad way. Continue reading


Breathing the Big Sky

The sun slipped slowly towards the translucent pale blue horizon. The closing hours of a cold and windy December day slowly ticked away with the metronomic lapping of water amongst reeds. It was two days before New Years Eve, one of those vagrant, in-between days bereft of any particular name but yet still with a special significance of its own. A day that hangs in the memory because of the sky, because of a smile………….just because. Continue reading


Shadows………(republished version).

I loved to ride the train at night. The noise, the motion, the bizarre and often troubling odours and the chance to encounter new and exciting life forms, drew me inexorably towards NS (the Netherlands national rail network) and their legendary ability to generate chaos from order………. Continue reading